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Tacto selectively advises, builds, promotes and invests in world class applications for the mobile & web.

Enterprise Talent for Startups

Tacto was founded in 2011 with a mission to bring the strengths and scale of web and mobile to real world applications.

At the helm is a small team of business technologists and designers with excellent pedigree, experience, and exposure to various business verticals. Each member of the team has previously been either a co-founder or a team member of a successful startup.

The team is complemented with adherence to robust yet agile processes and methodologies. We understand the need for speed and the changing nature of startup businesses and we are prepared for it.

Our engagement models are typically cost + risk sharing. We prefer being considered as partners instead of service providers. For other engagement models, we have a network of IT and design services firms who we can introduce you to and can advise you through the process.

Our passion in continuing to leverage technology to build world-class applications has brought us together and we hope you have an interesting application for us to build.


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Experienced with building custom mobile apps, digital platforms, Internet of Things solutions, commerce sites, location-based services, social networks and much more.

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Intricate ideas made into beautiful, usable and scalable applications.

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