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A line of high-performing grooming essentials that harnesses nature’s finest ingredients. All their ingredients are either 100% natural, naturally derived, vegan or certified safe-to-use by EcoCert. They rigorously screen each ingredient for the safety of skin, hair and the environment.


2017 – Present


Mumbai, India

The Mandate

The mandate was to create a highly scalable and bespoke E-commerce website with rich features.

The Solution

A bespoke E-commerce website with the following key modules: Auto replenishment, Blue dart logistics integration.


Key Highlights


Auto Replenishment

One of the key features of the website was to make it easier for customers to stay stocked on Raw Nature products.

Solution: Designed and built a solution wherein a user could opt in and out of a subscription to a specific product. Based on the usage of the product, the number of days were calculated and orders were placed automatically – without the customer having to spend time ordering.


Automating warehouse operations:

The old process for shipping orders was extremely manual and time consuming. Each day the Warehouse manager would need to generate packing label manually for each order received the previous day. This was leading to errors in order processing and delayed orders. The average order was taking upto ~ 15 minutes to process

Solution: Integrated the ordering system with Bluedarts logistics system. Every night the system would auto generate packing labels for each order thereby reducing the time required to process an order. The average order processing time was reduced to about ~5 minutes



Reduction in order processing TAT


Revenue generated from repeat customers

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