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An international ballet school which offers curriculum based on the Royal Academy of Dance (London) and the American Ballet Theatre (New York) National Training Curriculum. The examinations are certified by the Royal Academy of Dance and American Ballet Theatre. It was founded over 10 years ago.


2017 – Present


Mumbai, India

The Mandate

Take over and stabilize the existing platform via analysis, system upgrades and training.

The Solution

Undertook various system upgrades such as: Online uniform sales, Student promotions, Refinement of infrastructure.


Key Highlights


Complex codebase

The existing codebase inherited by the team was large and complex however, there was a very limited time available to get acquainted with the platform.

Solution: Overcame the challenge by reviewing the existing documentation, deep diving into the code and tackling minor bugs so as to get acquainted within the stipulated time.


Online uniform sales:

The client wanted to enable parents to purchase uniforms via the platform.

Solution: Designed and built the online purchase experience for uniforms with shipping integrated with Bluedart. The client was able to manage all e-commerce operations via the backend application.


High Infrastructure costs

The existing infrastructure was setup with additional services not being used by the platform. This resulted in high monthly recurring infrastructure costs.

Solution: After careful impact analysis, migrated the application to AWS with a refined configuration. This helped reduce the monthly infrastructure costs by a considerable amount.


Student promotion

The process to promote a student was a tedious and manual process carried out by the previous development company.

Solution: Carried out multiple workshops with the client and arrived at a streamlined automated workflow. The client was able to carry out these operations by themselves via the backend application.



Monthly infrastructure costs were reduced


Increase in user adoption of the platform due to the additional features made available

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