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An online interactive game, where you create & manage a virtual portfolio with real investment products to achieve financial goals and maximize your wealth. This game simulates real life situations in which users manage their portfolio of financial products.


2019 – Present


Mumbai, India


Financial, Education

The Mandate

Build a gamified platform where real life scenarios and financial goals are used to educate people about personal finance.

The Solution

The Tacto team built an interactive game which simulates multiple life events. While playing the user is familiarized with real financial options and guided to choose the best for different goals. The website contains different tutorials for each of the major financial assets, preparing the user for real life decisions.

Key Highlights


Complex mathematical calculations

The game simulates life events while guiding the users through various financial decisions. This required complex mathematical calculations involving future value of investments.

Solution: We held detailed workshops with the client to have an in-depth understanding of the business logic and conceptualize the implementation.


Single sign-on

The game should posses a single-user signon(SSO).

Solution: The team built a feature where users can use a unified ID to get access to the website and the game together for a better experience and the changes made on the website will get reflected on the game and vice versa.



Users educated

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