Saved 1000’s of hours in travel by enabling patients to avail mental health advice online

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An innovative telemedicine platform that increases Practitioner Productivity and Improves Patient Engagement. Their goal is to ensure a provider-friendly platform while helping increase access to affordable mental health services for patients everywhere. 


2017 – Present


Miami, Florida

The Mandate

The mandate was to create a web platform to serve individuals looking for online consultations from psychiatrists.

The Solution

Built a HIPAA compliant application which enabled psychiatrists consult patients via a video call. Further, psychiatrists were able to prescribe the requisite medication for each patient.


Key Highlights


Video Consultations

One of the key features of the application was to enable video consultations between patients and psychiatrists.

Solution: Integrated a light weight video calling functionality which was used for consultations by the psychiatrists. The psychiatrist had the ability to document observations, setup a follow up appointment, review documents during the video call.


Online medical prescription

In order to control the entire consultation experience, the client needed psychiatrists to be able to also prescribe the required medicine dose soon after their consultation.

Solution: Integrated a HIPAA compliant E-prescription third party application within the platform. This offered a seamless experience to the psychiatrist and enabled them to prescribe medicine and dosage as required for each patient.


Scheduling system

Psychiatrists have extremely busy schedules and finding a time slot that worked both for them and the patient was difficult.

Solution: Designed a scheduling system which allowed a patient to select three time slot options, one of which would be confirmed by the psychiatrist for the appointment. This gave the psychiatrist flexibility to choose which time slot worked best for them leading to higher number of appointments confirmed.



Hours saved by patients on a daily basis travelling to and from the psychiatrist


Increase in billings by psychiatrists

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