Reduced training center operational costs by 50% for one of the Big Four accounting organizations.

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One of the “Big Four” accounting organizations and the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and number of professionals with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.


2019 – Present


Mumbai, India


Professional Services

The Mandate

To digitize training schedule management and improve the coordination between various stakeholders involved in the process.

The Solution

The Tacto team built a web-based training scheduling software in order to allow training coordinators to set up, track training sessions being conducted. Further, it eased the communication flow between the Knowledge center admin, Training co-ordinators and trainees.

Key Highlights


Communication between various stakeholders was only via email

Earlier the communication between stakeholders was only through emailing each other which would result in data loss and miscommunication.

Solution: The team overcame the challenge by building a system with well-defined workflows which prevents data loss and enables all stakeholders to be on the same page.


Attendance tracking of the trainees

The trainees were marking their attendance manually which was time consuming and led to inaccurate data.

Solution: The team built a QR code based solution which leverages a kiosk to capture attendance. The trainees just need to scan a QR code for their attendance to be marked.


Enable the KCA to prepare everything ahead of time

The client wanted to be able organize meal arrangements well in advance instead of last minute or the day before.

Solution: Built a feature which allows the trainees to set their meal preferencesAfter the preferences are set, a notification is sent to the training coordinator and then it is carried forward to the Admin who will make the necessary arrangements.


Share pre-reading material with participants

The client wanted the attendees to get a sense of the training ahead of time.

Solution: The training coordinators can now share training materials, pre-reading materials with trainees by attaching PDFs, videos etc to the emails sent from the system.



Hours saved in terms of tracking trainee attendance


cost reduced with regards to meal arrangements for attendees

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