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To make sure we leave our planet in better shape for future families, we are keeping a keen eye on using resources responsibly and maintaining healthy, vibrant communities.
We achieve our business milestones by using resources responsibly, eliminating waste and minimizing chemical footprints.
--We turn off unnecessary lights and fans to save electricity
--We keep our ACs on energy conservation mode
--We hate the unnecessary use of plastic and use cloth bags where possible
--We keep our paper consumption to the minimum, and if we do, we make sure we reuse it
--We unplug our chargers once we are done
--We have replaced all fluorescent lights with energy efficient lights, especially LEDs.
--We have set up proper signage for each waste, recycling, and compost receptacle and staple samples of items to show which bin it should go into.
--We encourage people to use either public transport, walk or even cycle to work to reduce the carbon footprints.
--We have installed low flow faucet aerators in our bathrooms and kitchen sinks to save reduce our water usage.

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