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New age technology platforms help in assessing the performance of students, teachers and institutions as a whole and are increasingly being adopted by educational institutions in India.
Cloud based platforms that help classrooms go paperless are also finding takers. Also apart from the latest developments in ICT classrooms, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are being adopted in the field of education.

The increasing role of technology

Online learning
Online Education in India: 2021’, a comprehensive report prepared by KPMG in India and Google points out that the online education market in India is slated to witness an eight-fold growth by 2021. There is already a rise in the number of e-learning companies offering classroom supplement solutions and solutions for competitive examinations. And the coming years will witness a further rise.

Anytime, anywhere learning
This trend allows students to learn anytime from anywhere ensuring learning is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. Students can learn from the comfort of their home. This allows learners to explore their interests more.

Peer learning
Online learning opens the door for student collaboration. Online learning platforms have a dedicated learning community where students can help each other learn. They can collaborate on projects, clarify each other’s doubts or discuss projects. This helps them gain a fresh perspective on topics and learn concepts anew.

Making learning more engaging
One of the reasons technological intervention is successful is because of its great potential to make educational content engaging and interesting. Thanks to 2D and 3D technology, digital content has made itself a useful resource for both students and teachers. The theory in itself is not enough to make students understand concepts. Digital content due to its interactive nature is easy to grasp. Students are able to understand and retain concepts better.

Artificial Intelligence
Compared to other sectors like health and infrastructure, technology has been a late entrant in the education sector due to which the impact of artificial intelligence is also bound to be delayed. But it has immense potential to improve the learning outcomes in the education sector.

Adaptive learning
This is a unique learning solution powered by artificial intelligence, where the learning path is personalised for each learner based on interactions with learners. It suggests a series of assessments and study materials, to each learner to mitigate his/her learning gaps and meet their individual learning objectives. This personalised way of learning enables learners to study at their own pace and as per their own ability. Thus, a personalised learning experience engages students effectively in their own learning.

Besides the advent of technology, the education sector has also witnessed a change in the approach towards teaching and learning in the last decade.

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