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In an increasingly real-time economy speed and timing are key. It might sound obvious but the consequences for supply chains, logistics and the transportation industry are huge.
Efficiency, optimization, speed and timing have always been crucial in logistics and transportation. Today, amidst a range of accelerating evolutions and in an increasingly digital environment where digital transformations are affecting the next revolution of industry, the main challenges revolve around digitization and digital transformation in (goods) transportation and logistics (T&L) and, inevitably, the digital supply chain.The pressure on margins requires digitization, automation and a focus on new models

Cost reduction and growing profitability is essential. The margins in transportation and logistics are under pressure. This isn’t new but it remains a problem.
New business models, enabled by digital technologies and focusing on the creation of solutions and value-added services, on top of cost reduction, are driving digital transformations.

Customer expectations and competitive differentiation require speed and timing, which are drivers of several important changes in transportation and logistics, with speed being a competitive advantage.

We have taken some important steps in ensuring that our clients always remain ahead of the curve:
Data-driven marketing: aims to engage people at the time and in the context which makes the most sense and – thus – increases conversions/actions. Information management, is about living up to the credo of the right information at the right time for the right process(es), people, context, purposes and so on.
Customer service: the demand for fast responses is higher than ever and here as well it is a lot about information and communication (at the right time, etc.) but also because of these increased customer expectations regarding speedy (and accurate) answers in a mobile world.
The roll-out of new business models or technology deployments, taking decisions and/or product launches: you don’t want to be too soon nor too late.

Another important domain where speed and precision is the key, is the transportation and logistics industry where information management, data, analytics, visibility and king customer all play a key role. In the end, transport and logistics has one major task: making sure that any of the mentioned and other items arrive at the right time and place in the best possible condition.
Whether it concerns distributors, end customers, transportation firms, retailers or any part of a supply chain: there is always someone waiting for something.

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