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Digital transformation in retail: transforming for the new commerce reality.
Digital transformation is for real. Retail as a business can no longer be just about products. It has to be about customers. By extension, that means retailers no longer are going to make money by optimizing their product-driven processes.

When you look at how consumers acquire products every part of the shopper journey is being digitized and we can assist you in ensuring that transfer is conducted in a professional and streamline manner.

Drivers and evolutions regarding changing shopping and retail behavior.

India’s retail market is expected to increase by 60 per cent to reach US$ 1.1 trillion by 2020, on the back of factors like rising incomes and lifestyle changes by middle class and increased digital connectivity. Online retail sales are forecasted to grow at the rate of 31 per cent year-on-year to reach US$ 36.70 billion in 2019.

A channel-agnostic shopping journey.
The use of digital tools and channels across each possible stage of the shopping journey.

Seamless – and immersive – experiences.
The expectations of a seamless customer and shopping experience across multiple touchpoints and channels

Innovation as a new expectation.
The growing demands of consumers for innovative shopping possibilities

Rapid access to information.
Shoppers are getting used to self-service, self-checkout and finding information and support themselves.

Retail customers use digital tools in several stages of the shopping journey, even if 90 percent of in-store transactions happens online.

Empowered a 26 billion dollar grocery chain scale their last mile delivery business by 44x in 1 year.

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