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Automation aims to make all activities related to cloud computing as fast, efficient, and as hands off as possible through the use of various software automation tools which are installed directly on the virtualization platform or software and controlled via an intuitive interface.
Cloud automation is a fundamental building block for the cloud computing paradigm.

Automation tools which do all these work for the administrator help ensure that the system is performing optimally and that all requests regarding deployment and allocation of resources are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. With cloud automation, the setup of an entire fleet of uniform virtual machines can be done in just a few simple steps as opposed to setting up each one individually.

Cloud Automation Benefits
•Reduce Operational Costs: Less effort to deliver new services to the business and keep them up to date
•Reduce Complexity: Bridge services and applications that reside on premises or in the cloud into end to end automated processes
•Unleash Innovation: Free more staff time to work on new capabilities and service feature

Features of cloud Automation:
•Native Support for Cloud: A purpose-built, proven solution for the delivery and management of and hybrid cloud services, based on a broad range of deployment use cases from the world’s most demanding environments.
•Business-Aware Governance: Enables IT operations to apply their own way of doing business to the private cloud without changing organizational processes or policies.
•Provisioning and Management of Application Services: Accelerates application deployment by streamlining the deployment process and by eliminating duplication of work.
•Infrastructure Delivery: Automates the end-to-end deployment of multi-vendor infrastructure, breaking down internal organizational silos that slow down IT service delivery.
•Continuous Operations: Active-active operations and zero downtime upgrades let remove maintenance windows for today’s 24/7 connected business.
•Elastic by Design: Provides a full spectrum of extensibility options that empower IT personnel to enable, adapt and extend their cloud to work within their existing IT infrastructure and processes, thereby eliminating expensive service engagements while reducing risk
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