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Cloud migration is the process of partially or completely deploying an organization's digital assets, services, IT resources or applications to the cloud. The migrated assets are accessible behind the cloud's firewall.
Cloud migration is also known as business process outsourcing (BPO), which may entail migrating a total organizational infrastructure, where computing, storage, software and platform services are transferred to the cloud for access.

Key advantages to moving to the cloud:
Companies move to the cloud for many reasons. Below are just a few of the ways in which moving to the cloud can be a winning decision for your organization.
•Cost-effective: When you maintain your own data warehouse onsite, you are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and workforce to support every aspect of your warehouse. But when you move to the cloud, you can get the benefit of world-class infrastructure while saving money.
•Simplified: Much of the complexity of a data warehouse can be handled by a team of product experts at a cloud data warehouse provider. This means your employees can focus on the things that really matter, like growing your business.
•Scalable: One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is scalability. Whether you are scaling up quickly or slowly, a cloud data warehouse can accommodate you.
•Secure: Cloud data warehouses are responsible for providing services that meet common compliance requirements, including certifications like SOC 2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and PCI. When you move to the cloud, a team of security experts is part of the bargain.

Types of cloud migration tools:
You have a few options for the types of tools you can use to migrate to the cloud.
•Open source: Open source solutions can be customized at just about every level, and they are often free or low-cost. The downside is that you will likely need experienced staff to make the customizations.
•Batch processing: Batch processing tools work well in environments where large amounts of data are moved or processed at regularly scheduled times (often nightly, when network and equipment use is low).
•Cloud-based: Cloud-based migration tools typically offer the most seamless experience, tying together data and the cloud with connectors and tool sets designed for that specific task.

Why choose TACTO for cloud migration?
While there are many tools to choose from, TACTO stands apart for the following reasons:
•We can connect anything — We support the widest range of source formats and data destinations with low latency, scalability, and accuracy.
•We can update your data in near real time — Unlike many others, which are batch-based,Tacto can update your data continuously.
•We can scale large and small — Tacto supports any number of inputs, from low to high volume, so you can start integrating and streaming your data in minutes, not months.
•We are security experts — Data security is a cornerstone of our business. Our supported cloud service providers meet the strictest standards in the industry.
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