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Cloud Optimisation service helps you maximise the value of your public cloud environments and gain transparent control over costs. Among the key advantages of public cloud IaaS are the speed and simplicity with which developers can spin up containers, and the pay-for-what-you-use charging model.
But without comprehensive governance, it’s all too easy for costs to escalate through wasteful overprovisioning, services that needlessly run 24/7, and continued reliance on out-of-date instance types.

With Tacto’s Cloud Optimisation service, you’ll gain — or regain — control over your public cloud spend and environments. You’ll be able to improve governance, manage spend, reduce risk, and increase the value your organisation gets from its public cloud deployments.

Why choose Tacto’s Cloud Optimisation:
•Reduce public cloud spend
•Improve governance and control of public cloud use
•Realise business benefits of cloud faster
•Improved governance
•Transparent cost control
•Reduced risk
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