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Marketing automation saves you from the harrowing experience of trying to align the sales and marketing teams. It quantifies marketing initiatives and it actually brings in the expected ROI. But the amount of people, resources and investment that goes into implementing a marketing automation system consumes a major portion of the expected return. We make sure you have all the support right from choosing the right marketing automation tool, breaking up the timelines and phases to helping you form the best team.
We can run everything from marketing automation strategy and lead acquisition to nurturing, sales handoffs and analytics. We can supplement your internal team’s expertise. Whatever your needs, we’re marketing automation consultants who make a difference.

Implemented and maintained properly, a marketing automation tool can:
•Help your marketing team automatically nurture cold and warm prospects into sales-qualified leads
•Streamline manual marketing tasks and eliminate tedious data entry
•Give your sales team richer data on leads, helping them close more deals
•Improve the relationship between sales and marketing
•Empower your team to properly attribute every dollar of revenue to its marketing source

The following are the steps that help in marketing automation:
•Build Targeted List – Segment your audience.
•Set your goals – Define KPIs.
•Design your campaign – What type of content will engage your audience? Is a campaign landing page needed?
•Create Lead Nurturing Workflows – Score leads, execute campaign logic, etc.
•Execute Campaign – Respond to inquiries and the route leads accordingly.
•Amplify Your Message – Blog, share, tweet, and like.
•Measure your success – Monitor and track campaign KPIs.

Functionality at the core of most marketing automation packages includes:
•Central Marketing Database: A repository for all your marketing data, including detailed prospect and customer interactions and behaviors. This allows for customer segmentation and the creation of customized and relevant messages. As your marketing team executes campaigns, this data becomes richer and richer.
•Engagement Marketing Engine : An environment for the creation, management, and automation of marketing processes and conversations across online and offline channels. Think of this as the “orchestra conductor” for your customer interactions.
•Analytics Engine: A way to test, measure and optimize marketing ROI and impact on revenue. Think of this as the place you go to understand what worked, what didn’t, and where you can improve.

Tacto's primary marketing automation platform features include:
•Campaign Creation – Campaign definition and primary attributes
•Landing Page Creation – Calls to action and conversion tracking
•Lead Nurturing & Scoring – Automatically qualify leads and execute appropriate actions
•Email Marketing – Batch email delivery, reputation management, real-time triggered email, forms, email testing
•Segmentation – Typically via seamlessly integrated CRM tools
•Social Marketing – Social listening, sharing, and analytics
•Marketing Analysis – Web, SEO, keywords, reporting and ROI analytics
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