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Process automation provides a means to integrate people in a software development organization with the development process and the tools supporting that development.
By automating processes, you can boost your efficiency and help ensure standardized handling of repetitive workflow steps. Organization’s benefits are translation projects that can be realized in a shorter time for less money.

Also called as business process automation is the ability to coordinate and integrate tools, people and processes through workflow. Process automation reduces human errors, enables faster response to mission-critical system problems and allows a more efficient allocation of resources.

Tacto can simplify internal business workflows and merge the gaps between actions, awareness and knowledge across departments in your organization. With its expertise, Tacto provides an array of tools that makes your organization 100% proactive. We develop and build systems that can sustain on their own without human effort and resources.

We recommend robust applications in most efficient and effort-saving way with following aspects:
•Capturing data: Listing by event collection, correlation and analysis.
•Process automation: Developing and deploying and activating an intelligent rule-based dynamic workflow solution.
•Implementing automation : Extension of an existing IT system, Suggest a process-specific business process automation software, Suggest an adaptive business process automation solution
•Bi-directional communication: Distribution of tasks based on solution and knowledge base, communicating and escalating via a variety of interfaces, like mail, SMS, or phone calls.
•Managing and controlling: Execute with remote commands, real time indicators and mobile control.

Benefits of Business Process Automation:
•Empowers local managers while maintaining corporate oversight
•Gains real-time visibility into Back Office, HR and Financial performance
•Enforces compliance to establish processing standards across multiple operating locations
•Automatically compiles a complete audit trail
•Automates accountability
•Streamlines processing, no matter where the document is originating
•Reduces data entry costs and mitigates entry errors
•Saves paper storage costs and supports disaster recovery
•Gives vendors visibility into payment processing

Tacto assists your organization to avoid stress and tension of un-automated workflow. We offer a simple predictable and repetitive sequence that travels from conception to completion. The more time your business can save, the more there are opportunities to make money.
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