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The aim is to provide a methodology including procedure and tools, which allows enterprises to define adequate quality criteria for their performance, to measure their performance and quality and to derive reasonable actions to take for optimisation.
An enterprise engineering method called IEM (Integrated Enterprise Modelling) is described in combination with the usage of the Six Sigma approach for performance measurement of an enterprise. Based on these two instruments a methodology is developed for the determination of adequate quality and performance criteria and reasonable measures for the enterprise organisations.

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) are increasingly being treated as three parts of a single integrated framework with the purpose of providing a holistic view of organizational performance.

Business risks need to be identified, measured, mitigated, and controlled within the context of a management system. Compliance refers to the scope of regulations, legal requirements, industry standards, and business rules to which organizations must not only adhere and abide, but must demonstrate fulfillment.

As GRC management systems increase robustness, they can add business value to organizations by improving operational decision making and strategic planning. By incorporating GRC considerations into a social responsibility management system, the organization can more effectively manage its social responsibility influence.

For continuous optimisation of the processes of the entire enterprise the following key points of focus:
•Description of enterprise objects and processes in an enterprise model
•Definition and measurement of process quality criteria in a ‘process quality index/profile’ related to the Enterprise Processes
•Definition and assessment of enterprise quality criteria in an ‘enterprise quality scorecard’
•Monitoring and control in a ‘quality cockpit’
•Derivation of required measures and usage of the Six Sigma method for optimisation
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