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Cybersecurity requires much more than just securing your perimeter or end point. It requires a process that includes assessing risk and applying security measures to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of mission-critical information from outside and insider threats.
Recent breaches bring the reality of such exposures directly to both organizations and individual employees. Senior executives across governments are now closely examining their security in the wake of this compromised national and personnel security.

These seven questions can help you assess your ability to identify, lock down, and secure information across your Agency.
•Can you quickly locate and secure PII /classified items within all areas of your agency?
•Can you systematically track and share cyber- attack information across your organization?
•Is your agency's information secure for employees/ stakeholders with mobile /BYOD?
•Can you ensure that employees do not use unsecured solutions (ie.personal email) to do their work?
•Do you have standards-compliant Enterprise Information Management (EIM) capabilities embedded in your systems?
•Do you have capabilities to detect and report insider breaches in and across all areas?

If you answer “no” to any of the questions above, Tacto has a comprehensive Cybersecurity framework including operations and compliance capabilities.
Our Services include:

•Creating a comprehensive information security policy.
•Performing an audit to determine current level of regulatory compliance.
•Providing remediation for vulnerabilities detected on your systems.
•Advising your company on specific steps needed to achieve compliance.
•Deploying security infrastructure to encrypt email messages automatically.
•Encrypting your company’s laptops and other mobile devices.
•Securing your primary security infrastructure, including firewalls, VPN access, anti-phishing, and tools to protect against malicious code.
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