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Lending comprises of prebuilt activities starting from lease -loan origination, account creation and disbursement, funded and non-funded limit management, collateral management, repayment schedule, collection workflow, balancing and overdue, interest and charges application, account settlement, underwriting , NPA management, write off to rephasement and reschedule the activity.
We build a digitally advanced and comprehensive system that aims to improve the quality, turnaround time and service for end-customers.It enables banks & credit unions to improve the agility, transparency and efficiency of their lending products. As a customised solution, it enables financial institutions flexibility to adapt to the way your organization handles its day-to-day operations Further, they can integrate with legacy and third-party applications and ensure that the financial institution stays compliant to regulations. Using our solutions, banks and credit unions can ensure unified processes & be future ready.

Key Features :

Flexible Platform Design
• Expert configuration for a variety of business needs and workflows
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
• Lead tracking and opportunity management
• Proposal creation
• Pipeline coordination and reporting
• Sales territory management
Financial Product Versatility
• Manage any type of lease or loan
• Flexible financial product structuring
• Term and revolving line of credit
Complete Lifecycle Management
• Origination to Termination
• Real-time credit checks and decisions
• eSignature and document management
• Midterm modifications and rollovers
• Portfolio and asset management
• Robust collections dashboard
• Securitization, syndication management, and participations
Stress-Free Compliance and Risk Management
• Auto tax jurisdiction assignment
• Robust insurance tracking
• User and transaction security features
Adaptive Reporting and Analytics
• Ad hoc, scheduled, and on-demand report creation
Benefits :

• Increase Customer reach through Omni-channel network
• Cost Reduction and Faster Approval using Cutting Edge Technology/Services
• Reduces Credit Risk and NPA
• Secure and Scalable solution
• Deep Dive into Profitability analysis
• Compliance to Regulatory Reporting through comprehensive reporting module
• Enhanced operations and service levels with optimal cost

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